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Norsk Data AS is a prominent holding company that oversees a diverse portfolio of companies specializing in various segments of the industry. Our subsidiaries excel in datacenter operations, colocation services, land and property management as well as green power and energy solutions. The amalgamation of these companies, each with distinct areas of focus and expertise, fosters robust synergies and elevates Norsk Data AS to be a great partner for your future services.

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Oslofjord Datacenter


North Power

Moland Datacenter

Fyresdal Datacenter


Digital Energy


Infra Norway

Norsk Data consists of the following companies

We are experiencing great synergies from our spesialized companies. 

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Empowering technology

  • Electricity

    We provide clean energy to our facilities through local and renewable energy sources.

  • Relationships

    Our team is an experienced team with many years in the industry.

  • Responsibility

    We commit to make the world a better place by reducing our C02 fingerprint.

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Åsmund Myhre

Eirik Wiik

Property Manager

Svein Aarum

Chairman of the board

Thomas Gasser

Fredrik Myhre

Operation Manager fredrik@norskdata.no

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